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Back to life…back to reality

I just got back last night from a social media conference, and I have SO SO many stories to tell.  But for now, it’s back to reality…back to making kids lunches, back to early morning walks to school, back to having to make all the meals instead of being provided them, back to not having french fries at midnight, and not staying up til 2 am talking to new friends, back to flips flops and yoga pants instead of my carefully orchestrated outfits. Don’t get me wrong…I do love my life…but sometimes little breaks are really quite enjoyable.

At the conference, we exchanged business cards with those we came in contact with, and then are all attached on a ring, ready for me to look them up and bookmark their sites.

I am now loading hundreds of pictures onto my computer, so stay tuned.  I have many new friends to introduce you to, and I know you’re going to want to add them to your daily reads as well. Here is an instagram pic my friend Amy at The Idea Room shared of me teaching one of the classes I did on photography.

P.S. I totally became addicted to twitter at the conference, and might actually send out a few tweets here and there, so add my handle @kristenduke7 if you are the tweeting kind and want to follow along.

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  1. So happy I got to see you little miss skinny and chat a bit! I wish you lived closer….but then again MAYBE I will be living closer to you one day! ha ha #inmydreams! Love your pink pants!

  2. Kristen Duke says:

    It really does stink something fierce that so many friends live so far away…at least we have the internet!

  3. Norman hill says:

    Your kids are so fun to be around, it is like a holiday to be with them. Love those rascals.