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Back from the East Coast

While I have practically millions of pictures to share from my trip from my “big camera,”  today I’ll share just a few of the pics that I took on my phone. I’ll start the trip-logue on Monday.


All excited to go–a shot in the car on the way to the airport.

My view of my boys as we change planes in Dallas.

Giant everlasting gobstopper colorful tongues.

One of my boys had my phone and snapped this on the NYC subway.


I love people watching, and the subway is such a great place to do that.

I spied this figety guy, all dressed in a suit, no bag, kept checking the stops, and nervously clenching his hands.  Hubby and I agreed it looked like he was going for an interview.

Snapped this shot of my boys, and about 30 seconds later, the guy sleeping on the right got jolted by the subway and fell onto the floor….oops.

This seemingly high school duo got on at the same time, and stood very closely talking.  I loved how he had his arm on the pole that she had her back up against. It made me grin.

We didn’t know that a picture with Mario and Luigi required a donation…..

Hubby guarding our stuff, before the flight home. Each of us had a small rolling back and backpack (purse for me) to carry on since they charge so much to check bags these days.

I shared this collage on facebook and asked to hear favorites.  I took all 4 of these with my phone, and love them all for different reasons. Which is your favorite NYC scene?

{tomorrow I’ll give you a glimpse into my hubby’s phone pics}

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  1. Your post makes me nostalgic for the ten years I lived in Brooklyn. Did your boys learn how to subway surf? :-) I think my favorite of the quad pictures is the one taken from the SI ferry with Lady Liberty on the back. Last time I rode that ferry was to get to the start of the NYC marathon.

  2. I love your people watching pics. And I am going to have to go with the statue of liberty photo.

  3. I miss NY… I love almost everything about it (I don´t love the smell in some places, lol). My favorite of the above is Times Square…

  4. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. I have already told you about 6 times that I am SO jealous of you! but I thought you needed to hear it again. oh and btw your boys totally look like twins in these pics! I don’t usually think that when I see them but wow they definitely do in pictures.

  5. The picture of your boys with Mario and Luigi makes me smile. I traveled to NYC in January with some girlfriends and we stopped to take a photo with a character and then started to walk away and he was like “tips, tips!” He “made” us give $2 and I still say we should have taken two pictures, $1 a picture. Oh well live and learn. It just made me smile so I had to share my experience. :)

    Have a great day!