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How to Make Watercolor Handprints

Hi, it’s Jackie from Teal & Lime here.  Today I have an easy and quick way to capture your little one’s handprints.

I will never get over how quickly my little boys hands grow.  I have a growth chart marking their height.  I see them grow out of clothes everyday.  But, how their tiny hands expand captivates me.  I remember how itty bitty and fragile those sweet baby fingers were.  Even at 4 and 6, their little fingers are still pudgy and uncoordinated, but they are so much bigger than those baby fingers.

I love using their handprints for gifts year after year.  It never gets old.  And, each time we do it, the end result is completely different.  Their little hands are always growing.

My mother and mother-in-law love nothing more than art my kids make for them, and they are just as smitten with their tiny hands as I am. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I came up with this special art project to do with the kids.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

I first learned about using rubber cement as a resist from Sand & Sisal. She did this fantastic stenciled water color project with her kids. I loved everything about it, but for a Mother’s Day gift, I wanted to make something a bit more personalized.

We decided to make watercolor “handprints”. These make pretty art prints, but would also be really cute on the front of a card.

My boys had a ton of fun making their rainbow colored hands. This project got rave reviews and they are begging to redo it with more shapes.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

How to Make Water Color Handprints


  • Watercolors and paint brushes
  • Watercolor paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber Cement
  • And, cute little kids hands :)


1. Trace your little’s hand onto watercolor paper.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for
2. Use rubber cement to mask off the area you don’t want painted. We tried these 3 different techniques:

  • Painting rubber cement inside the hand outline (leaving a white handprint inside the watercolor)
  • Painting rubber cement around the outside of the handprint (confining watercolor inside the handprint)
  • Half and half, where we drew a line down the center. On one side we painted rubber cement inside the hand and on the other side we used rubber cement outside the hand.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

3. Let the rubber cement dry.

4. Paint with watercolor, inside or outside the rubber cement lines. The rubber cement resists the watercolor, but try not to paint on top of it too much, because if there are any gaps in the rubber cement the color will seep through.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

5. Let the watercolor dry completely.

6. With your finger gently rub off the dried rubber cement revealing your watercolor masterpiece. As an added benefit, the rubber cement will erase the pencil when you rub it off.  Use the pencil eraser to clean up any leftover pencil lines.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Here is what are final art prints look like:

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

How cool is the rubber cement resist?  The possibilities of this technique are endless.  And, it is a precious way to capture their tiny hands in one moment in time.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Quick and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Silly Straws

Hi, Jackie here from Teal & Lime.  I am dropping in today with a little St. Patrick’s Day cheer for the lunch box!

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

When I was growing up I always wanted to have the perfect thing to wear on holidays and special occasions. You know, pink or red to wear on Valentine’s. And, especially, a green shirt to wear on St Patrick’s Day. Because, I am proudly 3/4 Irish…I have the freckles and a red-haired father to prove it!

I loved wearing my green shirt and a sticker or button that said “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”  Any holiday that involves green beer and puckering up is too much fun to ignore, whether you are Irish or not.

Now that my oldest son is in school, every minor holiday is a big deal. But, he wears a uniform. So, there is no green shirt, or sticker or button.

I wanted to find a fun way for my son to show off their Irish pride at school, and maybe over breakfast at home.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

My solution is a fun little surprise for his lunch box…a festive silly straw to drink his milk with :)

I got this idea when I passed some silly leprechaun mustache straws at Target. What a fun idea!  They were only a couple dollars, but I knew I could make my own in a few minutes and with things I already had on hand.

This is all you need:

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I plan to put two straws in his lunchbox and he can choose which to use or share one with a friend. One has an orange leprechaun mustache and the other is green puckered lips with an appropriate St. Patrick’s Day message.

This is one of those under 5 minute projects that you just know is going to bring a smile to your kid’s day!

To make this as easy and quick as possible, I used peel and stick foam to make the straw decorations.   First, I sketched out the mustache and lips on a piece of scrap paper to serve as a template.  Tip: Fold your paper in half and draw half the shape next to the crease.  Cut it out and reveal the full, and perfectly symmetrical shape.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I drew a mustache and lips.  Then, trace around your template on the paper backing of the foam.  Carefully cut out each shape with sharp scissors.

What you need for each silly straw:

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

Peel the paper backing off one piece and set the drinking straw in the middle with about 2 inches sticking up above the shape. Remove the paper backing from the other piece and Carefully line up and press the other foam piece to the back. These straws are double-sided cuteness!

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

On the lips, I used a gold permanent marker to write “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” On the back side, I wrote “Pucker Up”.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day to bust out these silly straws.  I know both of my boys will find it way too funny to have an orange mustache or big puffy green lips. Reminds me of the Silly Sucker Valentine’s we made a few years ago with foam lips and mustaches around the stick.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime for

With these silly straws and Kristen’s St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes, you are all set to pack the perfect St. Patty’s Day lunch!

Hope these brought a smile to your face today, as they surely will for any kid, or adult, in your life that would be amused by an orange mustache or a green pucker :)

Decorating with Pictures at Teal and Lime

Hi, Jackie here from Teal & Lime.  A big thanks to Kristen for allowing me to join the party this month.  The Decorating with Pictures series is what initially got me hooked on reading Kristen’s blog.

The first time my family photographer quizzed us in great detail about where we planned to hang pictures, BEFORE we ever took the pictures, I thought she was crazy!

Don’t you just take the best pictures you can and then  decide where to hang them afterward?!

Well over the years, I realized the genius in her ways.  We have been way more satisfied with our portraits when we plan them to coordinate with the room beforehand.  Let’s face it, professional photography is pricey.  We have found the photos that coordinate well with our home decor have true staying power!  

How to Match Your Pictures to Your Decor by Teal &  Lime for

Come over to Teal & Lime today to:

  • Get 6 tips for matching your next family photo session to your room decor.
  • See our newest gallery wall of superhero pictures (plus a bonus tip on making cheap capes).
  • And, find out why I love ordering a bunch of 8x10s, instead of one larger portrait.

Continue reading How to Match Your Pictures to Your Decor…


It’s so true, Jackie! I often ask my clients the same thing! You don’t want to have hot pink in your clothing for pictures if you have burnt orange in the room you’ll hang them! What a great post!

If you’ve missed any posts and giveaways in this series so far, check out all of them by clicking HERE!

Decorating with Pictures Ideas

Today, I’m delighted to share that the giveaway is from ME! I’m giving away my Say NO to Auto beginner camera VIDEO workshop as well as the printed copies of both of my books!  Do you have a fancy camera that you don’t know how to use?? I’d love to teach you how to use it!!  Watch this little video if you want to know more about the workshop. (If you know you want the video and don’t want to wait, enter JOY10 for $10 off! If you buy and win, I’ll refund your money;)

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DIY Valentines Heart Cut-Out Plaque

Hello, Kristen Duke fans!  Isn’t she awesome?! I have been a huge fan for years, and was super excited to meet Kristen, and hear her speak, at a conference last August.   My name is Jackie Hernandez.  I am the creative force behind Teal & Lime, a blog and business with one goal; empowering you to decorate your own home in an easy and approachable way.  I am delighted to fill in for Kristen today while she is off enjoying a family vacation.  

My husband and I did not meet until we were adults, but I know for sure if we were kids we would have carved our initials on a tree together. Well, for sure I would have carved our initials on a tree.

I get all sappy and sentimental around Valentine’s Day and can’t help finding fun new ways to express our love.

DIY Valentines Heart Cut-Out Plaque by Teal & Lime for

Today’s project was inspired by my make belief tree carving love declaration we would have made if we met when we were younger. But this is even better, because it is not on some random tree somewhere, it is right here on our mantel.… Continue Reading