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Austin Texas Snow Day!

It’s rare, friends, that we see snow around here.  In the past 8 years that we have lived here, I think we’ve had maybe 5  snow days.  It was in the forecast, and last night we got a call from the school district saying school would be delayed 2 hours at the possibility.  Then at 5am this morning, my phone rang and the recording from the school said school was cancelled.  Hooray!  Upon a peek out the window, I saw the snow.  I couldn’t wait for the kids to find out when they woke up (I’m not crazy enough to wake them to tell them). They were VERY excited, expecially since school was cancelled and then we found out my hubby’s work called a snow day, too…yipeee!!!

 I know those of you in colder areas laugh at this, but it is pretty exciting around here!!!  These pics were taken at 8am, it is now noon, the sun is out, and it is all melting.  We hear it will be 60 here tomorrow.  That is Texas for ya , folks.

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  1. yes, we are laughing at you a little bit. high of 9 here in michigan today :) but that is crazy to have weather like that in texas. cute pics.

  2. how fun!!!!!! you guys are a so cute! p.s. i love your boots!

  3. How fun! And such cute pictures!

    We went sledding in the retention basin by our house. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t stay outside long because two of my kids have been sick all week, but I couldn’t not let them go out for a few minutes!!

    This was our first snow day ever! We were pretty excited!

  4. so fun! I especially love your sons sweatshirt!

  5. I love the 3 snow angels in the drive way and the kids huddled by the fireplace! all GREAT pictures! I had fun practicing with settings today :)

  6. Love your boots! The frozen water pics are super cool and the pics of your kids are adorable. Love that you took one of them all warm and toasty by the fire. :)

  7. Fun fun fun!

  8. Yay for snow days! I like your girls’ pink jackets, and that last photo of you blowing the snow is really cool.

  9. Yep, snow angels and blowing snow were my favs. I here ya about the snow days. From Oklahoma and we r in the 15 inches blizzard. Think my kids are READY to go back to school. A week out of school so far….and they’re calling for more snow tommorow!

  10. Yep, I was laughing a bit, too… that you all got a snowday for that! :) We can’t get a snow day even if it’s 35 below zero in the morning, and probably at least 12 inches of snow. :)
    Little or lots, though, you captured the essence of a snow day wonderfully! Such fun, and the kids hovered ’round the fireplace – love that. Best of all is that last one of you, though! This made me smile real big. :)

  11. I wish we got snow days for that much snow! (At least once in a while!) Here in Canada it doesn’t seem to matter how much snow we get, the only time they cancel is if the wind is blowing too hard and they can’t keep the roads clear. Looks like your kids had so much fun in the snow though! I love the pictures!