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Alright, lets hear it!

One of my new years resolution for my photography biz is to blog a little bit more. I usually just post sneak peaks from each session and figure people don’t come to my blog unless they are looking at a sneak peak. Well, I’ve recently installed the site meter/map and can tell where people are looking at my blog from….soooo, I’m dying of curiosity! I’m opening up my comments section to hear from you, so tell me 1. who you are and 2. what brought you to my blog. Also let me know 3. what you’d like to see or hear from me in the way of blogging besides sneak peaks…photography related.
Some cities I recognize, while others, I’m not sure how they got here…..

I see people from:
the United Kingdom
Tonawanda, NY
Pompando Beach, FL
Shalimar, FL
Corpus Cristi, TX
Provo, UT
Nashville, Tennessee
Warsaw, Indiana
Kiowaw, Colorado
Calypso, North Carolina
Phoenix, AZ
Benton Harbor, MI
a few Canadians
West Linn, OR
Madison, AL
Round Rock/Pflugerville (my home turf)

and this is just in the past month!

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  1. i’m linda, in tallahassee, fl. don’t know what else i’d like to hear about. i just love the pictures! love to see what you do compared to others…

  2. What, no Maryland? I swear I’ve been here! ;P

    I like the ‘sneak peeks’ as well, but of course I’m too far away to be a client. It’s more for inspiration. :)

  3. Kristen Joy says:

    I did see Elkton, MD and knew it was you…I just put cities that I didn’t know who the people were:)

  4. i’m amy in iowa and i love seeing your work. Is it revealing too many secrets to talk about your technique a bit? you have some great effects. maybe fun to hear anything interesting or funny from the shoot.

  5. Kristen Joy says:

    I have no secrets…I actually thought about posting tips and techniques…want to know what people want to know:) I’ve thought of a few things…..

  6. Uh, hi, I’m Emily and I don’t really have a place of permanent residence. But I simply love your work and will “hire” you again and again!!
    I also would like to hear about technique, equipment, finishes and maybe fun facts and things that happen at shoots.

  7. You know me! In fact, you even know where I live. Hee hee…

    I’m bringing curious eyes as to the newest places you’ll go to take pictures, and the lovely families you’ll photograph.

    I’m looking forward to more bebeh pictures!!