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All mine~A few favorites of my kiddies lately

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  1. jen@odbt says:

    LOVE the first shot – would you mind sharing your camera settings or maybe post a tutorial on how to capture a shot like that?

  2. How awesome is that silhouette shot!?! Love it!

  3. love the silhouette! how come my silhouettes don’t turn out like that?? LOVE IT!

  4. love the silhouette, and would also appreciate what Jen requested!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Love the first one, the last one’s pretty neat too!

  6. Those are lovely! Your prior commenters are correct – you are the Master of the Silhouette. :) Love the fun confetti shot! Siblings playing in the sand are some of my favorite shots of my own kids.. bring back warm, sunny memories of summer days together. Happy summer to you all!

  7. Adorable. They make me feel all warm and happy inside.

  8. These are such beautiful pictures, Kris. Love them! And love you guys. Just a few more weeks!

  9. Ditto on loving the silhouette!!!

  10. Awesome shots!

  11. GretchenP says:

    that aquarium shot is amazing!! also just scrolled back up and had to lol at your daughter in the 2nd to last.. super cute! :) …such beautiful shots of great memories.

  12. Love them all but that last one is just awesome!

  13. Kristen Duke says:

    Thanks everyone! The silhouette shot is:ISO 160, f 7.1, ss 1/800

  14. I love all these pics of your kids – love them!

  15. You have a beautiful family! I’m new to your site, and already hooked.

    God bless you.