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A little holiday decor at my home…

I made this sign a few weeks ago when I joined in with a local crafty group on their December project.  My friend who runs Chatty Walls let me tag along!  Love this cute little sign…

Below, I got my nativity in Jerusalem 12 years ago when I was there on study abroad.  At the time, I wasn’t sure I needed one, but now I am SO grateful I got it.

Fun having a stairwell and balcony to wrap some garland along.  And our tree we cut down (in previous post).

It makes me happy to pull out these family pics taken for our card 4 years ago.  My daughter likes to laugh as she tells people…my mommy is kissing Santa…my daddy dressed up as Santa!

Another shot of our tree with the sign I made with the vinyl from Chatty Walls.   I got the unfinished cabinet wood door at my local Restore for $3!

I love that I can make up my own phrases with the vinyl and pick size and font, etc.  A few Christmas past “polaroids” too.

Do you like my candy machine with holiday mint m&m’s?  I love it, but have to hide it from my baby….

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  1. Love everything! Where did you get your armoire! I am in love with the style – and color!! :)

  2. have I told you I LOVE that green armoire !?!?

  3. I love the gumball machine…I’m gonna have to get one of those:)

  4. LOVE IT!!!

  5. It all looks so fun and festive! Love so many of your ideas. Love the pictures on the clothesline!! You are really creative Kristen! LOVE the gumball machine too!

  6. It%20all%20looks%20so%20fun%20and%20festive!%20%20Love%20so%20many%20of%20your%20ideas.%20%20Love%20the%20pictures%20on%20the%20clothesline!!%20%20You%20are%20really%20creative%20Kristen!%20%20LOVE%20the%20gumball%20machine%20too!

  7. What the….I have no idea why my comment has all the 20% in there….weird :)

  8. umm why is mommy kissing Santa ;) love those pictures!! what a cute idea! we so need to get our family pictures taken.. wished you lived near! Love how you decorated your house and I love your stair case!