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31 Things you Probably don’t know about me

I thought it would be fun to sum up the stories from my siblings with some tidbits about me that you probably don’t know. These are things that I’ve thought I could write up an entire blog post about, but never get around to it, or don’t see enough content to do so.  Maybe we share some quirks…I thought I’d sprinkle in a few random pics of me to break up the text.

kristen duke

I’m not going to repeat any of the items on my About Me page, so check that out if you are left wanting more!

      1. I have awful varicose veins, blue and bulging. Not only are they ugly, but once a month, they hurt so much I often stay home because it can be crippling. They were visible when I was younger (I used to put make up on the back of my knee cavity) but with each baby got worse and worse. I generally wear pants or long dresses to cover them up.
      2. I am self assessed ADD. I can’t sit still, I have to constantly be multi-tasking. Though my to-do list often overwhelms me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. People often ask me how I “do it all” and I have to say….it’s just how I operate best, with my hand in many things. My attention span is low when reading novels, and I generally don’t finish most books I start.
      3. School was very difficult for me (see #2) and I didn’t get into BYU on the first go round.  In college, my husband would leisurely read a chapter in a crowded room to prepare for a test, while I had to make flash cards and sit in a quiet spot for hours to memorize them. I was a “B” student with the occasional “C” and sometimes “A.” I count it as a huge success that I got my Bachelors at BYU.
      4. I’m SUPER thrifty. It is much easier for me to buy 10 $1o items than 1 $100 item.
      5. I get annoyed when people make fun of Wal-mart because I grew up going there. Yes, Target is prettier, but Wal-mart has a special place in my heart.
      6. I rarely laugh out loud. It’s strange, really, I enjoy life…I’m happy…it’s just hard to make me laugh. I might give a slight chuckle grunt to a tv show or movie, but belly laughs usually come from my kids doing something funny or a roller coaster.
      7. When I go running, I like to listen to podcasts from The Bobby Bones Show, they make me laugh out loud (that’s rare, see #6). They used to be a local Austin morning show, and just got pulled for national syndication, and I have a hard time grabbing their signal in the car. I have a little crush on Bobby, and his comrad Amy could be my BFF and LunchBox is so wacky extreme, it humors me.
      8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to plop down in front of the TV, but rarely do it. My late night computer blogging time takes over my electronic section of my brain.homemade cabbage patch
      9. We don’t have cable at our house, but I did recently start a Netflix subscription that the kids will watch the pre-teen Disney shows occasionally. (see #8 and #4 for reasons we don’t have cable).
      10. I don’t like to watch any movie twice. Once is enough for me. I am not a movie line quoter, and that leaves me often feeling lame that I don’t fit in with all of those movie quoter people. My two BFF’s will quote lines back and forth and make each other laugh and I’ll twiddle my thumbs waiting for the moment to pass…
      11. I don’t care for musicals. Conversation via song is strange to me. I do enjoy a little (scandalous) GLEE because they usually sing current pop songs though.young kristen
      12. While we are on the subject of me not liking something that the vast majority of society loves, I don’t care for “period pieces” such as women in puffy dresses from the days of yore in England. I saw Pride and Prejudice once (see #10) and it wasn’t awful. Don’t have much interest in the current phenomenon Downton Abby…maybe someday.
      13. I have an amazing ability to function quite well on little sleep. I count it as a talent of mine, and I used to get confused when people with newborns and babies talk so much about the lack of sleep they got. I woke up with my babies, too, but once I hit the pillow, I’m fast asleep. Now I get it, I’m a sleeping phenomenon. Even though my brain is crammed with a to-do list, I sleep well. It’s how I can blog and be present with my family during the day–I’m often up past midnight. It doesn’t bode me well for the bags under my eyes though…
      14. Twice a month, I head over to the middle school and run the track with my son and his 6th grade PE class. I know, it sounds strange, but he totally wants me to come and if my middle school son wants me there, by goodness, I am there! It’s a stinkin’ TOUGH work out, but amazingly I leave some boys in my dust. Not my son though, he’s fast.kristen in high school
      15. I have been the “room mom” every year since my oldest was in kindergarten, but I’m not really good at it. They seem to want me to have that title, but I feel bad for the teachers, because I’m not super hands on. Ask me to do something and I’ll get it done, but I’m not the above and beyond type in that category.
      16. I am sad and happy that I recently truncated my blog feed. Some of you bloggers know what that means, but for those that don’t know, if you subscribe to my blog by google reader or email, you only get part of the post, and you have to click over to my site to get the full post. Long story short,  I work too many dang long hours making my posts beautiful and I don’t want them stolen by scrapers and I want to be compensated accordingly. I have ads on my site, but I really don’t break even with what I pay to have my site run and what I make. It was a tough decision to make, but I’m glad I did it. Thanks for your understanding and patience with that.
      17. I’m an over zealous/die hard/passionate/vulnerable friend. I’ve written and never published TWO posts on this topic that I just don’t know how to share my thoughts and feelings without hurting others feelings as well. I try my best to be inclusive of others, reach out to the new person, invite people over, throw parties and organize events, but often get my feelings hurt when I’m not included in such things from those I’ve reached out to. Sometimes I think that my over excitement to be friends with everyone is a turn off to people.
      18. I love people, I love stories, I love to hear what makes people happy and sad in life. Everyone has a story that will bring you to your knees weeping, and I want to know those heartfelt personal stories from people. It makes us more real and less surface. I want to be friends with and know details about everyone, and unfortunately I don’t have boundaries when it comes to asking questions. Some people find that refreshing and enjoy sharing, some people find that invasive and uncomfortable with it. I’ve had to work on that, but it’s hard for me.kristen turns 30
      19. I have an accessory addiction. I love a little bling, and have way too much jewelry. I need to organize it all by color because I’m slightly overwhelmed by it, and the two bathroom drawers in my vanity are spilling over to my bathroom counter.
      20. I hate the crunchy part of the brownie or cookie edge. I like the middle chewy part. I will often break a cookie in half, and take a bite out of each side and throw the other crunchy part away. I’m SHOCKED that so many people prefer the outer part of the brownie, they even make a pan for it!
      21. Speaking of cookies, I make these Hootycreek cookies almost every weekend…and mostly just eat the dough.
      22. I still sleep with the “blanky” my mom made me when I was 10 or 12. My husband calls it my “wooby.” I CAN sleep without it, I just PREFER not to. It’s made of silky trico fabric.
      23. I’ve never had a sip of alcohol. Never had a desire, but some friends wonder how I’ve ever had “fun” without it. I think I’ve had a pretty fun life.
      24. I had head lice that wouldn’t go away when I was in middle school and I’m still haunted by it. I know people knew about it, they saw it, the girls on drill team looked at me funny, but shockingly no one ever said it to my face or teased me about it. I count that as a miracle.middle school kristen
      25. I try try try try try to keep order in my house, but I’ve got a messy gene. My poor, neat and organized hubby is so patient. I’m trying hard to teach my kids (implemented a new checklist chart) but with all my multi tasking, putting my clothes away is not high on my priority list. Those pictures you see of the room reveals all neat and clean–that’s a one time thing.
      26. I never used to like soda very much at all, so it really isn’t a temptation for me. The carbonation irritates my nose. I do, however enjoy an iced down fountain drink of Dr. Pepper about once a month. Because I don’t drink caffeine much, it works REALLY well to keep me up when I do.
      27. I like my baked treats room temperature or cold. Pie, cookies, brownies, I like the texture of the crunch inside over warm gooeyness. I do not care for warm fruit at all.kristen at 27
      28. One of my very favorite meals is Coconut Shrimp, but I’ve never tried to make it. I just assume I’ll mess it up.
      29. It’s my goal to exercise 6 days a week, but generally I get about 4. Since my weight loss, it’s a priority and I plan my days around it, but two days my “plan” is to do it in the evening and I often just forget.
      30. I’m pretty embarrassed about how I look without eye liner…I’m starting to look older and the bags under my eyes aren’t helping.  It only takes me about 10 seconds to put eye liner on, but half of the days of the week I either forget or don’t take the “time” to do it.
      31. I have to wear socks when I go to sleep…I prefer something on my feet at all times and feel conflicted wearing shoes in my house, so have house slippers to keep my toesies cozy.

Sooooo, do we have something in common?  Are you shocked and surprised by something? Do tell;)

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. I can totally relate to the self diagnosed ADD and I can only watch movies one time too, probably something to do with the ADD! And when I’m watching the movie I am ALWAYS doing something else as well….more ADD!
    Kimberley recently posted..Weekly Meal PlanMy Profile

  2. This is such a fun post! I may have to do something similar :)

    I’m with you on not enjoying all the soda, I do like it but if I have it a lot it doesn’t taste very good and I like it as a treat :)

  3. How fun!!

    We’re very different people… although one thing in common is that I like asking questions, hearing stories… I used to do it more but I moved to a city where people were VERY uncomfortable with that so I ended up toning it down… :)
    Aline recently posted..The pregnancy teeMy Profile

  4. I too only love chewy cookies and brownies, I throw away the edges of brownies or leave a thin edge in the pan where I cut it off.
    I also have a messy gene and I’m afraid my daughters inhereited it also, I have great organization plans and tools to organize, but even that does not help and I feel I’m always on a quest to be organized and neat.

    I so badly want to be the room Mom, but I know I would not be good at it, I do not have patience to organize the masses and know I would be a complete failure.
    I’m also glad someone else isn’t a big movie watcher or “period piece” watcher. I do not understand Harry Potter, Twilight, Downton Abbey or anything of the like!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yay, another chewy treat friend! I feel we are the minority. With the movies, too. I, too, have great organization plans! room mom is actually kind fun, get to know the teacher and kids well, it’s the extra stuff that gets tricky to my non organization!

  5. we are ALMOST complete opposites. maybe that’s why i love ya so much. :)
    just a few things we should clear up…
    cookies are best warm and no part should be thrown away.
    seeing wicked in NY can bring you to tears. (in a good way)
    i love, that you love, people and stories.
    there will be targets in heaven.
    downton abbey rocks my world. i miss it.
    i look forward to a good belly laugh with you at snap. :)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      ha!!! that’s funny… opposites generally do gravitate towards each other. (my hubby and I are opposite with many things too). Your comment NEARLY made me laugh out loud;) I’ll admit, WICKED does slightly interest me. Oh, Downton Abbey…yes, you and all of my other friends.

  6. and we have a lot in common. :) no warm cookies… head lice (makes my head itch just thinking about it)… i rarely laugh out loud (but i guess we are going to at snap). can’t wait!!
    jamie@eighteen25 recently posted..New Pastel Colored Spring Subway ArtMy Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Oh good! yay on the cookies!!! Ugh, I’m surprised that not too many people had lice as a child…ugh, I had that “L” word! We’ll see if we can get out loud laughs from each other!!

  7. Oh dear friend…I love you so much! but how did we ever get to be such good friends. We have almost nothing in common!! Maybe that’s why I like you so much.
    Emma Jo recently posted..Plagiarism at its best.My Profile

  8. Second row middle is my favorite piece in the brownie pan! And I recently had a doctor absolutely flabbergasted when I told him I had never ever had alcohol. But I live for movies and my whole family quotes movies lol.
    Taryn Brown recently posted..NewMy Profile

  9. We are pretty well total opposites – the only similarity I immediately saw in this list was that we both avoid alcohol!

  10. I have never, ever, EVER commented on a blog before (that may put us at opposites ends of the personality spectrum right there) but I have been reading many of them for awhile now and I think yours has to be one of THE best. Probably because you are honestly rockin’ the real & true to yourself vibe. It’s refreshing and inspiring and comes through on your blog, for sure. Plus the pictures are great fun! You have me at #30 & #31 and very jealous of #13. Thumbs up from Detroit.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I am so very honored, Jen, that you’ve come out of lurking to comment on this post! I just had someone request I unsubscribe them today because I’ve done too many person and not enough photography posts–ha! Yeah, I need to share more photography, but I’m all over the place. So thank you, thank you for making my day;) yay, another sock sleeper!!!

  11. I love this blog post! I could not agree more with your 18 and 19. I just do not understand why everyone can not be invited. I also have a disability( not my definition) and I LOVE people who are brave enough to ask me the hard questions instead of staring at me :).

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Glad to hear you love the hard questions…I wish people would be invasive and ask about me…instead I just blurt it out on my blog without being asked…ah hahaha!

  12. I had to go find a blog post I read about workout frequency when you said you try to do it six times a week. You have to kinda skip the part about the girls and find the part about frequency. The comments are also interesting.

  13. Nice to “meet” you! We actually have lots in common from this list. I love Coconut shrimp, I have a messy gene (I like to call it creative) and I totally dislike it when people make fun of Walmart… it’s my hangout… well just somewhere I go to ALL the time! :P Love me some Target too.

  14. i LOVED reading this! we have soooooooo much in common: self diagnosed ADD (although mine makes me unproductive and unable to finish things!) – i also LOVE hearing people’s stories – even if i don’t know them and my husband thinks that is strange! i also have the messy gene :-) i absolutely love your honesty and candor because i know that you have the kindest heart and always come from a place of love!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Tricia, you are and amazing listener when it comes to stories, I love that about you!!! You are so sincere, and your eyes show such love.

  15. caroline says:

    Even though I feel like I know you quite well;) I really enjoyed reading this and learning some new things about you! #12!!! SO glad that I’m not the only one that hasn’t jumped on the Downton Abby band wagon. I tried watching, but like you I’m not into “period pieces” either. Whenever I say that, I get a funny “look”;)

  16. Thanks for sharing so many things about you! I was wondering…did it take a lot to open up? I’m very open with my close friends but would have a hard time being open on my blog. I love that you are outspoken! I am depending on the situation. I thought it was curious that you chose 31 things to share….was there a reason (31 is my lucky number by the way)! You really seem like someone I would want as a friend! Thanks Kristen!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’m actually not shy about opening up…strangely! 31 was kinda random! I just started making a list of random thoughts and it seemed to cap at 31. Of course I thought of a few others later…;) How fun that it’s your lucky number! I’m happy to hear that we could be friends;)

  17. Love this post! Thank you for sharing. I am with you in the self-diagnosed ADD, and I so want to be room mom, but I just don’t know how I could ever make it work. I too have a messy gene, but desperately want to be organized. Are you willing to share some of what’s on your checklist? I am a soft cookie fan too, but often have a hard time finding recipes that come out that way (or else I am just not good at baking them ;)

  18. Hey! I related to almost everything on your list except the ADD, messy bits and the not laughing loud. As for the rest, let’s be friends and ask each other lots of personal questions :)
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted..School classmates’ parties, cliques and mean girl behaviourMy Profile

  19. Oh my goodness! My husband and BF are both movie line quoters, and I just can’t do it. And with very few exceptions, one time watching it through is good for me. I also cannot stand when my husband starts watching a movie halfway through! I just see it as a waste of time. Coconut shrimp is also one of my absolute favorites, and having head lice in 3rd grade scarred me as well, to the point that I have my girls have a hood on at the movie theaters to help prevent picking any lice up there. Slightly neurotic, absolutely, but we’ve been lice free. :) Here’s my list from my blog: Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Just found your blog and have been enjoying reading your love story and now this post. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are a wonderful writer. Keep it up!