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3 stylin’ hair tutorials

*While I am away on a trip, I asked 2 of my professed blog stalkers to contribute a post to my blog.  I gave them free reign on the topic!  You’ll hear from Bailey in a few days, but first…welcome Nikka!

My name is Nikka  and I am 17 years old, I just graduated, and in August I am moving to Utah to attend Brigham Young University and I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to write on Kristen’s blog!

Now that we got the introductions out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s talk hair! I am a firm believer that if your hair looks then you look good. But sometimes there just is no time to blow dry and curl it, scratch that, there is usually NEVER time to blow dry and curl it. Lucky for you I am here to share how I have learned to fool everyone into thinking I spend hours on my hair.

Style #1: The Basic Wave- This little trick I do with my straightener and it is absolutely the BEST! It is so easy, like we’re talkin’ less than ten minutes!

I have broken it down into 3 easy steps: Clamp.Turn.Pull

1. Clamp: take a medium section of hair and clamp with the straightner, I prefer to hold the straightner pointing down and curl up to give it more volume.

2. Turn: turn straightner 180 Degrees in either direction. I like to switch the direction I curl every few sections to again add more volume.

3. Pull: simply pull straightner away from your head keeping it clamped and turned and voila!

The best part about The Basic Wave is that the imperfections of it are what make it perfect. It is not necessary to curl every piece, it still looks great if you just do the top layer and call it good!

Style #2: The High Bun- I love The High Bun! It is an extremely versatile look. I wear it to school and to church. To the Mall and the pool. To the gym and Prom (that’s right, I even wore it to prom!). And it takes a total of three minutes!

To start, gather hair at the crown of your head. Then twist hair, starting at the scalp, and going all the way to the end. At this point your hair will naturally start to twist in on itself into your head, let it! That is the next step.  Roll the hair around itself so it kind of looks like a doughnut! Then secure with an elastic. The last thing to do is just add a little volume to the bun (can you tell I like volume?) by gently pulling out pieces to make it fuller. Secure any loose pieces with a boby pin, spritz with some hairspray and you’re ready for anything!!

Sidenote: The High Bun looks best with dirty hair. that is why I love it! if you’re going out but you don’t have time to wash your hair, just throw It up! The hairspray from yesterdays curl will only make it look betterJ.

Style #3: The Braided Headband- this is a simple way to utilize the classic French braid! Start by pulling forward about 2 inches deep of hair and secure the rest with an elastic to keep out of the way. Now you’re ready to begin the French braid! Start on one side of your forehead and French braid across until you get to right behind the opposite ear, secure with bobby pins or a small elastic for a more secure hold!

This style works great with straight, curly, or waved hair. It is perfect for a cute and fun way to keep your hair out of your face and it is an easy way to fool people into thinking you spent a great deal of time on your hair!

Good luck with your new hair-tastic adventures, my friends!



* I love the all of the looks, excited to first try the braided headband…so cute!  Thanks for sharing your hair tips…lets give Nikka some blog love!

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  1. Fun! I always wondered how to do that with the flat iron. Have fun at BYU!

  2. I love having new ideas for my crazy hair! Thanks, Nikka!

  3. I have always wondered how to do my hair with the curling iron that you did in the first example..thanks so much!

  4. Alice Morton says:

    I need to try the braid again..I don’t seem to have that much success with that one.

  5. Super cute! Makes me long for the days of long hair and/or pregnancy hair that would do anything! With my short & blah hair, I am limited to the Clamp, Turn, Pull Technique. Maybe one day I will have the patience to grow my hair long again to try the other looks.

  6. Cute! I love the braided headband look!

  7. Love your hair tutorials!
    Do you mind checking out our first tutorial and give us your feedbacks and thoughts on it?