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2014 Goals

Happy New Year!!! I love the idea of a fresh start on January 1st. Last year, I made some blogging goals and personal goals, so I thought I’d type out a few again.  I can’t think of just one thing to work on, so I’ll just chat about the areas in my life that I want to improve. I think I’ll print this up and keep it as a reminder for myself.  Look at this, you’re getting two “on my mind” posts in one week from me.

I Also wanted to share the flip gram video I made of my Instagram highlights, since it was too long to share on Instagram!  Everyone was sharing their highlights in 15 seconds and my eyes couldn’t even focus on one image. So mine is about 2 minutes. I wish it started at the beginning of the year, but it goes backwards.


This little family of mine, I love them so! I am so grateful for my loving, supportive husband. My kids amaze me everyday, they love each other, which brings me so much joy. My goal: I want to just SIT with them in the afternoon when school is over. Have a snack with them, just BE. We’ve read chapter books together off and on, I need to pull that out again. Especially with my boys. I need to do more back scratches, they like that. Continue with one on one activities with them, and visit them at lunch at school more. I’ve slacked on that.  More family bike rides. I like that.


I feel like I’m a spiritual person. I adhere to fairly strong standards, but I need daily nourishment to keep myself happy, and I’m not always good at that.  My mind is too scatterbrained, too cluttered at times that I forget. Or I remember, and I can’t sit still long enough to focus! I need daily personal prayer and personal scripture study in my life, and I want to be better at that.

Healthy Living

This past month, I have fallen off the bandwagon…cold…treats…holiday. Luckily, it’s only 5 pounds that I’m up, but a 5 pound bag of sugar really puts things into perspective!  I’m actually posting something tomorrow all about this, so stay tuned! I want to TONE IT UP! and continue to do cardio 4-6 times a week to keep off the weight I lost 2 years ago.  Also want to take better care of my skin–I’m getting old! DRINK MORE WATER!!


I made a list of “home goals” a year ago, it was this:

  • Reveal a room project each month
  • I am going to build something with wood, and not have my husband do it
  • Try wall stenciling
  • Make chalk paint (
  • Learn how to distress furniture correctly

I cut some wood with a saw, but didn’t quite build something on my own. My husband is too handy, and I batted my eyes at him a few times….I did a stencil on the ceiling in the girls room, made this chalkboard wall, and didn’t quite practice my distressing. I really worked hard at a room a month (you can see from my HOME TOUR) but didn’t quite get to 12 room reveals. I completed and blogged about 7 rooms in 9 months. Not bad! When we had house guests in the middle of the summer move in, my motivation for rooms got deflated. I have one room partially done, and 3 with major ideas in my brain. My goal is that you’ll see those in 2014!!  Here are the rooms I plan to work on this year:

  • front living room (half done)
  • my kids game room
  • Master bathroom
  • downstairs guest bathroom
  • laundry room
  • guest room

There, I said it. Watch for those Makeovers this year! I can do 6 in 12 months, right??


It’s actually a goal of mine to blog less. At least until September when my youngest goes to kindergarden. It’s my last year with her, the end of an era, and I don’t want the joy of blogging to pull me from the joy of what’s most important. I like to say my computer time is equivalent to my book/tv time that everyone else has. I don’t read much, nor watch tv, so blogging is my hobby, but also a business.  I’ve learned so much, made so many amazing friends, and seriously love to share and get feedback…just want to be available and present for my family, too. Balance!!


I want to touch base more with the important people in my life. I’ve got great solid friendships with those that don’t live near, and I want to keep in better touch with them. I thought about the occasional text that says, “take a picture of what you are doing now” just so we can keep tabs. I want to continue to invite families over for dinner, something I haven’t done as well with house guests the past six months. I miss it. I also want to learn to show more kindness when people rub me the wrong way.  I recognize this fault in myself, and I want to be better. I don’t like that aspect of my personality. I believe we can overcome those natural man tendencies, it just takes extra work.

Bring on the joys of 2014!!
happy new year

{My husband stayed up til midnight on New Years Eve, as did all of my kids, impressive!}

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Happy New Year Kristen
    Hope you fulfill your goals in 2014 and hope all your wishes come true! But please keep blogging, your life really is an inspiration! Loved the flipagram!

  2. I like how you broke down your life areas…goals can be overwhelming at times but if they are kept in the forefront of our minds, much more attainable.

  3. I’m excited to see the new rooms you’ll be working on, I love your style! Happy new year!!

  4. Happy New Year Kristen! I love your 2014 goals. Especially your family one. It’s one near and dear to me as I’ve resolved to be more present in my girls’ lives this year. They play so well on their own that I’ve let them wander off to play while I play on my PC or iPad. But this year I want to sit with them more and read with them more.
    Here’s hoping your goals find success and that in those successes you find contentment!
    Kimberly recently posted..Declutter Your Life: Kids BedroomsMy Profile

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog but I’ve been reading your blog the last year. I have a lot if the same goals in mind for 2014! I too am scattered brained and can’t sit still so reading my scriptures is soo hard for me because my mind just wanders. A friend of mine says she listens to the audio of the scriptures while she cleans. She says it’s amazing how much you remember and how powerful some of the verses are when read aloud. Thought I would just pass that along!
    I started my blog a year ago this month and will be doing less this year.. It’s hard balancing it all but I’ve learned how important my family is. Whoa sorry for the long comment! Love reading your posts and following along!
    Rachel @ R & R Workshop recently posted..13 Popular Posts of 2013My Profile

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks for saying hi, Rachel! No comment is too long for me, I’m pretty long winded myself!! I have done audio on the car sometimes, I should do it more. My husband does conference talks from his phone. Also a great idea! I need all the different ways to do it that I can!

  6. Great Goals! Mine are similar, and similar to the ones I made last year. I had to laugh about your skin, because I can totally relate. I feel like my skin has betrayed me in the last 2 years and 1 week into being 40 I feel like my skin is what ages me. sigh… Life is good though, and I have 6 kids and my oldest is almost 15– I can’t still be 25, but it would be nice to look it! Happy New Year to you!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yeah, it’s the under eye skin that’s bugging me…maybe sleep would help…or at least more water!

  7. Happy New Year!! I hope you attain all your goals!!

  8. Your goals are fantastic! I added the “just be” one to my list after reading it on your’s. That is something I think about all the time, but don’t actually do….

  9. I loved reading this – great goals!! And I’m amazed at what you were able do in 2013. Your video was awesome and did not make me dizzy. Woohoooo. Happy 2014 my friend! xoxo
    Mique recently posted..Orangesicle Fruit DipMy Profile

  10. I’m all about making new goals at the start of the new year. I’m always making a never ending list. I still have a goal to keep inviting people over for dinner as well. There are so many things I want to work on this year, now that we are somewhat settled in our life (I probably just jinxed myself). Good luck with your goals!!

  11. Very ambitious set of goals, but if their is anyone that can accomplish what you set out to achieve it is you. Thanks for your example and sharing how you are driving to improve.

  12. Very ambitious set of goals, but if their is anyone that can accomplish what you set out to achieve it is you. Thanks for your example and sharing how you are striving to improve.

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