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101 Activities to do with my toddler

Ok, let me first say that I am totally procrastinating picture posts.  I’ve had 2 family sessions in the past week and need to be blogged, and it is in my plans.  However, I’ve had no baby nap the past 2 days PLUS filled days & evenings and that equals very limited computer time for me.  Then tonight when I could have started editing one of those sessions, all I wanted to do was plop on the couch with my hubby and get caught up on Modern Family.  I love it.  I laugh out loud.  Shows rarely cause me to laugh out loud. I love Gloria. I love  Phil.  I love the unexpected. I digress….

Lately, I’ve decided I need to plan out some structured activites with my cute little toddler.  She is my baby, and only at home.  She just hit the “two and a half” age, and her talking has expounded overnight.  It is oh-so-delightful to see her brain working, and kinda sad to hear her correct herself when she realizes she is saying something in “baby-ease.”  I have a lot of quantity time with this little gal, she’s mostly attached to my hip throughout the day.  However, I’ve reminded myself lately that I need to focus on the quality and engage with her more.  I often feel at a loss of what to do besides reading a book.  Then I came across this list on Pinterest, I printed if off right away.  101 Things to do with your toddler.  So many basic activities.  My goal is to check off one on the list per day, and document some of it along the way. Here is our first adventure in stacking pasta boxes in the pantry:

She really loved it….and so did I.


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  1. cute! i need to try some of these too! thx

  2. I love this picture! So cute! I completely know what you mean about the quality vs quantity time with a last toddler. I SO need to work on this. Thanks for the ideas and sharing the list!

  3. Kelsi Kunz says:

    Modern Family is the BEST. Gloria and Phil are my favorites too!!!

  4. Adorable and a great idea.

  5. I’ve totally done the catch up on dvr or edit debate. and watched a few episodes of grey’s late into the night instead =X

  6. Norm Hill (Dad to you) says:

    Scuh a simple thing, stacking pasta boxes, yet so much fun. I can’t wait to do it with her myself. Give her a squeeze for me. love ya guys.